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The challenge of solar system profitability in the built environment

In order to compensate for an incremental decline in the level of public support available for the development of energy sources, and to meet your commitments to shareholders and/or financiers, you are constantly seeking to ensure or level-up,the production of your solar fleet whilst reducing O&M costs.

Your solar power plants in the built environment pose two major difficulties that erode your
profitability on two fronts:

Existing solutions available on the market today fail to offer the necessary accuracy to perform a remote diagnostic of partial production losses, nor to reduce O&M expenses through the identification of root causes and the quantitative assessment of associated losses.  

The Ab Initio algorithmic core

Heliocity differentiates itself from the competition thanks to innovative algorithms (Ab Initio core) that combine multi-physics and multi-scale modelling of buildings, solar systems and the environment with complex data analysis methods adapted to monitoring data.

This true “Digital Twin” approach improves the accuracy of anomaly detection in a built environment by a factor of 10, paving the way for remote diagnosis.

Efficient and fast, the analysis facilitates an early detection of problems, minimizing production losses and allowing to optimize on-site interventions.

The Heliocity Offer

Thanks to its algorithms allowing an unequalled detection accuracy, Heliocity proposes four offers to meet your needs by exploiting your data :


You have a solar power plant in the built environment that will soon go into service or has recently come online?


You are an owner or operator of solar power plants in the built environment?


You are an owner or operator of solar power plants in the built environment?


You are looking for expertise on solar installations in the built environment?

Independant electricity producers

Independant electricity producers -

Independant electricity producers –

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