The performance of your solar system illuminated by your data

Assess and monitor the health of your solar power plants to secure revenues whilst reducing operating costs.

Our solutions for optimal performance

Two major difficulties impacting your profitability

The output of your solar installations depends on the local weather, environment, and their operating conditions.

In order to ensure optimum performance, any loss factors must be minimized and any failures must be resolved without delay. In order to achieve this goal for solar power plants, it is vital to overcome two key challenges regarding operation and maintenance:


Frequent and hard to detect shortfalls in performance

due to the concomitance of complex phenomena which strongly impact system behaviour:


due to a changing environment (vegetation, new buildings, chimneys, cranes...)


due to fine particle soot and organic pollution in urban or rural areas, potentially exacerbated by a shallow inclination of PV modules.


with its supporting building envelope and neighbouring structures, combined with local microclimate effects


The environmental stresses lead to an accelerated deterioration of solar installations and a degradation of their performance over time


undetected during the design and commissioning phases, issues such as self-shadowing, mismatch and sizing errors give rise to long term losses


difficulties common to any solar installation on equipment: inverters, optimizers, photovoltaic panels, cables, connections...

An expensive operation

because of the particular constraints imposed by the solar installation:


for on-site intervention (permission to access public sites, risks related to working at height, the need for scaffolding or lifting machinery…)


numerous installations designed independently (multiple hardware, integration configurations, owners...) and geographically dispersed


the profitability of a small to medium sized facility prohibits the use of dedicated sensors

“These two major challenges impact the profitability of your solar energy projects”

~15% average production loss

~60% of solar buildings affected

Incomplete acceptance tests & Unoptimized inspections

Unidentified nor quantified losses root cause

Let your data work for you

Heliocity interprets the monitoring data of your power plants and returns it to you in the form of performance measures, diagnostics and recommendations for action.

You thus gain insights into the state of your installations and the avenues available to correct the losses duly identified and quantified by cause.

You can then make informed decisions to maximize productivity (income), reduce operating costs and prioritize your human and technical resources for maintenance.

Our solutions tailored to the user

Heliocity provides solutions to the challenges of operating and maintaining solar power plants in any environment. Heliocity offers solutions for solar power plant operators and owners to meet the specific needs of every stakeholder:

Independent Power Producer

Maintainer/ Operators

for third parties


(Agricultural, Industrial or Tertiary)

Local authorities

Engineering and design firms

(for solar energy materials or projects)

Software developers

(for solar systems)


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Our partners

Heliocity is the coalescence of many collaborations. From the laboratories where the technology was born, to engagement with customers through to our incubator and our academic connections.

We would like to thank all our partners without whom we could neither be where we are today, nor have the ambition to unleash and support the potential of solar energy anywhere!

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Performance Photovoltaïque

Performance Photovoltaïque - Améliorer la Profitabilité des installations

Performance Photovoltaïque – Améliorer la Profitabilité des installations – Grâce à nos solutions d’analyse diagnostique pour centrales solaires en milieu bâti.