Our history

We are a young startup that offers solutions to unleash and support the potential of solar energy in any environment through innovative algorithms for remote diagnostic analysis.

The naissance of the project emerged nearly ten years ago at the LOCIE laboratory of the University of Savoie Mont Blanc and CNRS at the French National Institute for Solar Energy (INES) around the simple observation that the large-scale cohabitation of solar energy and buildings was proving to be complex, even though it is within the built environment that most of the planet’s energy needs are expressed.

The project was then able to mature and incubate at SATT Linksium in Grenoble (France) in order to capitalize on this academic work and develop solutions that meet the needs of professionals in the sector.

Heliocity offers solutions for operators, owners or developers of solar systems in any environment benefit from the algorithmic core, Ab Initio Core, the result of this project to capitalize on the scientific work of CNRS LOCIE and the University of Savoie Mont Blanc.

Our mission

From the OBSERVATION ...

The world and humanity are facing one of the greatest challenges to human advancement: how to ensure the development of the world’s population while preserving existing resources and our environment?

The Impact of Fossil Energies

The industrial revolution followed by exponential development in recent decades have been largely fueled by carbon-intensive fossil energy. We are now witnessing a growing impact on our environment, starting with climate change and extreme weather events.

The need for Renewable Energies

The development of renewable energies is now a necessity in the fight against climate change, which is impacting not only humanity but also the fauna and flora of ecosystems. Alongside the development of the existing hydroelectric capacity and wind farms on land and offshore, solar energy has a crucial role to play in this energy transition.

Urbanization and the development of buildings

The majority of the world’s population lives in urbanized areas where the majority of energy needs are concentrated even though most GHG carbon emissions come from these areas. Solar energy is the most suitable source of renewable energy for a development that meets local needs, in the heart of this environment, on the buildings of these most populated areas.

...to our mission

Heliocity’s mission is to enable operators and owners of solar power plants to monitor the performance of their plants and anticipate failures in order to unlock the potential of solar energy in any environment.

Our values

We strongly believe in the importance of carrying and claiming clear values for the team as well as for our partners (customers, suppliers, …).

These values are for us a compass and we are committed to embody them.

because it is our primary mission to provide solutions to our customers’ problems

parce que nous croyons en l’exigence.

because we are convinced that we are stronger together

because it is at the very heart of Heliocity’s raison d’être

because we believe it is fundamental. We strive to greatness and always seek to improve

parce que nous croyons en l’exigence.

because trust frees energies and enriches relationships

The founding team

Leon Gaillard - CTO

Leon has over 15 years experience of academic and industrial research in the field of solar energy and building physics. He has worked as a research engineer on experimental and numerical topics at INES (French National Solar Energy Institute) and regional laboratories. Leon holds a PhD in Physics from Birmingham University, UK.
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Émeric Eyraud - CEO

Emeric has over 20 years experience in Management, Sales, Projects, Quality & Excellence within the Energy and Telecommunication sectors. He holds a Telecommunications engineering degree (ENST-Bretagne, France) and attended M.S. Big Data at ENSIMAG & GEM Management school (Grenoble, France).
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Christophe Ménézo – Conseiller Scientifique

Christophe is a French national expert in energy & environment with over 25years of scientific experience. He is full Professor at the University of Savoie Mont Blanc at INES (French National Solar Energy Institute) and Director of CNRS Solar Energy Federation (Fedesol).
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Join us!

At the crossroads of digital and solar energy, Heliocity has decided to take up a technical challenge with high environmental stakes. We are offering AI algorithms and a SaaS platform to make solar power plant data talk. If this challenge attracts you, if excellence motivates you and if you are looking for a human and technological adventure, then do not hesitate to contact us!

Panneaux Solaire Solution

Panneaux Solaire Solution - Diagnostic et Améliorations

Panneaux Solaire Solution – Diagnostic et Améliorations – Grâce à nos outils de diagnostiques et analyses.