Validate the performance of your solar system as soon as it is commissioned.

Evaluate the performance of your facility at the start of operation to ensure compliance and determine the initial baseline for future monitoring.





Sign with your eyes closed?

Do you check the performance of the central installation at commissioning before signing the system recipe? Probably check that each string, module or inverter is producing. Perhaps you study the electrical readings to make sure they are within the nominal ranges. You can also compare your output to the results of estimates provided by design software.

Can you check the Performance Ratio, actual peak power or guaranteed yields? How can you make sure that the panels, inverters, optimizers and, more generally, the installation achieve the expected performance?

Due to the local weather conditions, masks near and far, and the interaction of the solar installation with its environment, it is delicate to verify, without costly intervention and instrumentation, whether the performance of a solar installation is in line with the specifications and guarantees.

Root out initial issues!

(thanks to your data)

The Helio Launch service allows you to remotely verify the proper operation of your installation at commissioning without additional instrumentation to allow you to identify and correct any underperformance with respect to warranties or commercial promises.

Validate actual performance

Capitalise the warranty period

Grow from the roots!

(thanks to your data)

The Helio Launch service allows you to know the initial performance of your installation in its operating environment. This information will be used as a root from which to follow the evolution of the plant and to intervene if necessary by calling the manufacturers or installer guarantees.

Which performance referecence?

Helio Launch also allows you to refine, as soon as the installation is launched, the knowledge of the potential of its producible sound and the possible sources of losses.

What is the benchmark performance?

The equipment of your photovoltaic installation will undergo various phenomena over time that will affect performance (PID, LID, corrosion, micro-cracks, delamination, discoloration, mechanical degradation …). It is quite normal to lose efficiency and manufacturers guarantee a rate of degradation of peak power over time.

However, how to diagnose that these degradations remain within the guarantees?

The first difficulty is to know the initial performance of the installation in its operating conditions in order to be able to compare them.

Determine the characteristics for monitoring

Define the output of your installation

Our Helio Launch service

Helio Launch is a service proposed for solar power plants in the built environment with installed capacities over 35kWp. It is aimed at new installations as soon as they are commissioned or within the first two years.

Helio Launch exploits the available data collected by any production monitoring system (OEM portal, SCADA, Monitoring System…) thanks to the advanced “Ab Initio” algorithmic cores and provides you with a precise diagnosis of the performance of your installation.

A true validation test, this service can be part of the plant’s contractual basis or simply serve as a reference for monitoring the evolution of the plant’s performance over time.


Want to know a little more about the process and duration?

Test Performance Photovoltaïque

Test Performance Photovoltaïque - Analyse des Installations Solaires

Test Performance Photovoltaïque – Analyse des Installations Solaires – Test des performances initiales à la mise en service d’installations solaires en milieu bâti.s

Performance Photovoltaïque


Déroulement et durée

Le service Helio Launch se déroule généralement comme suit :

Objectifs : Partage du contexte par le client, Clarification sur les données de configuration de la centrale Echange sur les données disponibles et les modes d’accès

Présentation des résultats et recommandations et remise des livrables

Eléments d’entrée :

Eléments relatifs à l’installation solaire pour définir les paramètres physiques de l’installation et de son environnement 

Eléments permettant la collecte des données de production :

Avec la plus grande granularité (si possible : Tension et Courant continue, Puissance continue, Puissance alternative (après onduleur), compteur réseau)
Pas de temps d’échantillonnage le plus court possible (<15mins)


Confirmation caractéristiques vendues/ garanties (ou écarts)

Calcul du Performance Ratio

Vérification de la réponse électrique du champ

Quantification de l’impact des pertes identifiées par cause : masque ; configuration d’intégration ; électrique…


Procedure and duration

The Helio Launch service is generally performed as follows:

Objectives : Sharing of the context by the customer, Clarification on the configuration data of the central unit Exchange on available data and access modes

Presentation of results and recommendations and delivery of deliverables

Study inputs:

Parameters relating to the solar installation to define the physical properties of the installation and its environment. 

Elements allowing the collection of production data :

With the highest granularity (if possible: DC voltage and current, DC power, AC power (after inverter), grid meter)


Confirmation of characteristics sold/ warranties (or deviations)

Performance Ratio Calculation

Checking the electrical response of the field

Quantification of the impact of losses identified by cause: mask; integration configuration; electrical…