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Continuous supervision of your solar installations in the built environment to detect anomalies in performance and advise you on corrective actions to be taken.







Energy output Monitoring vs. Performance Monitoring

The vast majority of solar power plants have a production monitoring system. These systems allow the operator and/or the owner to follow the production of a power plant park with a more or less fine degree of granularity (power plants, inverters, chains, modules), and to report alarms from the equipment.

For a large ground-based power plant, well instrumented and in a stable and controlled environment, production monitoring can provide relatively reliable performance monitoring.

On the other hand, in a built environment, subject to thermal phenomena, complex micro-climates and near-perfect masks, and where power plants do not have complete meteorological instrumentation,

A rudimentary inspection of production data fails to reveal the real performances of the installation.

In fact, more than half of the solar installations on buildings show degraded performances. This leads to a loss of income for their owners or operators that is often undetected because it is difficult to detect.

How to diagnose an underperformance of the installation when the output fluctuates strongly every day and key parameters are unknown?

Detection of anomalies, identification of causes and quantification of effects

The update of an underperformance must, to be usable, allow :

From performance monitoring to recommendations for corrective action

Helio Smart Guard collects your production data and transforms it into a real-time performance monitoring and diagnostic service.

Without additional instrumentation, Helio Smart Guard’s algorithmic core automatically detects anomalies and identifies their probable causes.

The quantification of losses by cause typology allows to issue action recommendations to the operator.

Helio Smart Guard monitors and reports certain warning signs of future failures.

Helio Smart Guard protects the profitability of the solar power plant by minimizing production losses and optimizing maintenance.

Switch off any fault automatically

Maximize your production

Anticipate failures

Correct production losses

Prioritize your O&M actions

Optimize your interventions

Our Helio Smart Guard Service

Helio Smart Guard is a subscription-based SaaS (Software as a Service) service for solar power plants in the built environment with a peak power of 50 kWp or more.

Helio Smart Guard exploits the available data collected by any production monitoring system (OEM portal, SCADA, Monitoring System…) thanks to the advanced “Ab Initio” algorithmic cores and provides you in real time a precise diagnosis of the performance of your installation with the probable causes of losses and recommendations for action.

A true guardian of the performance status of your fleet, Helio Smart Guard is part of preventive maintenance and helps optimize corrective interventions on site to secure revenues and reduce maintenance costs.


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Performance Photovoltaïque



Possibilité de mettre à disposition les éléments relatifs à l’installation solaire pour définir les paramètres physiques de l’installation et de son environnement 

Possibilité de se connecter à l’environnement existant pour accéder aux mesures électriques :


Le service Helio Smart Guard se déploie en trois étapes, typiquement sur une période d’une quinzaine de jours :

Espace client

    • Listes de recommandations d’actions, s’appuyant sur le suivi des indicateurs ci-dessous
    • Caractéristiques en temps réelsRendement champs, Puissance Crête, Perte conversion DC-AC (onduleurs, optimisateurs…)
      Taux de dégradation (salissure, vieillissement…)
    • Performance Ratio  : Ventilation des pertes liées à: l’intégration (thermique), la conception (auto-ombrage, chaines déséquilibrées, dimensionnement…), l’environnement (ombrage …)
    • Visualisation de la réponse électrique du champ : Validité des mesures, fonctionnement MPP (onduleurs, optimiseurs)
    • Quantification de l’impact des pertes identifiées (passé et futur) : Impact annuel, estimation perte de revenu associé (€) par cause identifiée



Possibility to make available the elements related to the solar installation to define the physical parameters of the installation and its environment. 

Possibility to connect to the existing environment to access the electrical measurements:


The Helio Smart Guard service is deployed in three stages, typically over a two-week period :

Customer area

  • Lists of recommended actions, based on the monitoring of the indicators below
  • Real-time characteristics: Field efficiency, Peak power, DC-AC conversion loss (inverters, optimizers…)
  • Degradation rate (soiling, ageing…)
  • Performance Ratio : Ventilation of losses related to: integration (thermal), design (self-shading, unbalanced chains, dimensioning…), environment (shading…)
  • Visualization of the electrical response of the field: Validity of measurements, MPP operation (inverters, optimizers)
  • Quantification of the impact of identified losses (past and future): Annual impact, estimated loss of associated income (€) per identified cause