Evaluate the performance of your solar installation

Assess the energy output of your solar installation to detect anomalies, quantify their impact and correct them.





How to detect an underperformance of your solar power plant?

According to a 2015 European study of nearly 30,000 power plants, more than half of the solar installations on buildings show degraded performance. This leads to a loss of income for their owners or operators, which is often undetected because it is difficult to detect.

Indeed, how to diagnose an underperformance of one’s installation when the output fluctuates so strongly every day?

The output of a solar installation depends on the local weather and environmental conditions and its operating condition. Without meteorological stations on each site, the irradiation and temperature of the panels are unknown and the complexity of the built environment makes the direct use of satellite data wholly inaccurate.

How to identify the losses linked to each cause?

It is also difficult to distinguish between “normal” losses such as thermal losses due to coupling with the building, shading (near or far) or the natural rate of degradation of the panels and losses resulting from anomalies or defects in design, materials or fouling.

When underperformance is suspected, however, it is necessary to identify and quantify the effects of each cause separately in order to be able to define an optimized action plan.

Evaluate and quantify to correct

The Helio Audit service remotely evaluates the performance of your installation without additional instrumentation and gives a quantification of losses broken down by cause.

Thus, the Helio Audit service establishes an “a priori” diagnosis and allows you to judge the technical and economic relevance of a possible corrective intervention on site.

The analysis of plant data can also help to identify signals that could indicate a failure.

Reduce your O&M costs

Correct production losses

Quantify your losses by origin

Capitalize the warranty period

Prioritize your O&M actions

Determine characteristics for follow-up

Our Helio Audit service

Helio Audit is a service offered for solar power plants in the built environment with installed capacities exceeding 35kWp. It is aimed at installations older than two years.

Helio Audit exploits the available data collected by any production monitoring system (OEM portal, SCADA, Monitoring System…) thanks to the advanced algorithmic core “Ab Initio” and gives you a precise diagnosis of the performance of your installation.

A true virtual checkup, this service can be part of preventive maintenance and help optimize corrective interventions on site to secure revenues and reduce maintenance costs.


Want to know a little more about the process and duration?

Audit Energie Solaire

Audit Energie Solaire - Évaluation des Performances

Audit Energie Solaire – Évaluation des Performances – Inspection virtuelle d’installations solaires en milieu bâti. Détection de défaillances et anomalies.

Performance Photovoltaïque


Déroulement et durée

Le service Helio Audit se déroule généralement comme suit :

Objectifs : Partage du contexte par le client, Clarification sur les données de configuration de la centrale Echange sur les données disponibles et les modes d’accès

Présentation des résultats et recommandations et remise des livrables

Eléments d’entrée :

Eléments relatifs à l’installation solaire pour définir les paramètres physiques de l’installation et de son environnement 

Eléments permettant la collecte des données de production :

Avec la plus grande granularité (si possible : Tension et Courant continue, Puissance continue, Puissance alternative (après onduleur), compteur réseau)
Pas de temps d’échantillonnage le plus court possible (<15mins)


Recommandations actionnables basées sur les résultats de l’étude 

  • Rendement champs, Puissance Crête, Perte conversion DC-AC (onduleurs, optimiseurs…)
  • Taux de dégradation (salissure, vieillissement)
  • Détermination pertes liées à : l’intégration (thermique), la conception (auto-ombrage, chaines déséquilibrées, dimensionnement…), l’environnement (ombrage…)
  • Validité des mesures, fonctionnement MPP (onduleurs, optimiseurs)
  • Impact annuel, estimation perte de revenu associé (€) par cause identifiée


Process and duration

The Helio Audit service generally takes place as follows:

Objectives : Sharing of the context by the customer, Clarification on the configuration data of the power plant Exchange on available data and access modes

Presentation of results and recommendations and delivery of deliverables

Study inputs:

Parameters relating to the solar installation to define the physical properties of the installation and its environment. 

Elements allowing the collection of production data :

With the highest granularity (if possible: DC voltage and current, DC power, AC power (after inverter), grid meter)

Shortest possible sampling time (<15mins)


Actionable recommendations based on study results 

  • Field efficiency, Peak power, DC-AC conversion loss (inverters, optimizers…)

  • Degradation rate (soiling, aging)

  • Determination of losses related to: integration (thermal), design (self-shading, unbalanced chains, dimensioning …), environment (shading …)

  • Validity of measurements, MPP operation (inverters, optimizers)

  • Annual impact, estimated loss of associated income (€) per identified cause