Sunrise for Heliocity

The deeptech start-up Heliocity SAS was created on September 14, 2020, in Grenoble (France) to support the development of solar energy in the built environment, following ten years of research and development. 

“The performance of solar installations illuminated by data”. 

Heliocity offers solutions to unleash and accompany the potential of solar energy in the built environment thanks to innovative algorithms for remote performance diagnostics.

The idea for the project was born nearly ten years ago at the University of Savoie Mont Blanc, at the French National Institute for Solar Energy (INES) around the simple observation that the large-scale cohabitation of solar energy and buildings was proving to be complex, even though it is within the built environment that most of the planet’s energy needs are expressed.

After a maturation and incubation phase at the SATT Linksium in Grenoble (France) to confirm and consolidate the technical and economic concept, Heliocity now offers its solutions to operators, owners and developers of solar systems in the built environment in France and abroad.

 “Given the growing need for energy in urban areas, Heliocity’s ambition is to reconcile solar energy and the built environment. At the crossroads of the ecological and digital transitions, our solutions help increase the productivity of solar installations while reducing operating costs. Because the stakes are global, do not hesitate to contact us for possible collaborations. The Heliocity adventure has only just begun” says Emeric Eyraud, President and co-founder of the young company.

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